Our web-based email verifier is currently unavailable. As a free and anonymous tool, it was being abused which resulted in blacklistings across our verification network. For now, you can still use our email verification service via the GMass extension by checking the "Verify" box or by using the API if you're subscribed to any paid plan.

Free Email Verifier & Email Extractor: Quick Validation Checker for Every Address on Your List

And we’ll even use AI to figure out your contacts’ first names*

It’s physically impossible for any tool to be easier than our email verifier and email extractor tool. Physically impossible! And it’s 100% free.

Just paste in your mailing list and our email verification tool will run validation on each address. We’ll check each one and let you know if an email is validated or invalid (because it was blocked, the mailbox was full, and so on).

You can also paste in a paragraph or any text — the tool will find and extract the emails in that text and organize them into a nice, tidy list. It will even use AI to figure out your contacts’ first names.

Ready to get started with free email verification? Paste your list below. (Want to learn more? Here’s the documentation.)

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Verification available only for lists under 10,000 addresses Success

Email Address First Name Verified Proof

No email addresses were found

Verification available only for lists under 10,000 addresses Success

Bonus: This Email Verifier Tool Is Built Into GMass

Are you one of the 200,000+ people using GMass as your cold email and email marketing platform?

If so, this email verification tool is built right into the GMass campaign settings box! GMass will run a validation check on every address as it sends your campaigns. (You can also run email verifications through the GMass API.)


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