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Email Link Checker: Free, Easy HTML Link Verifier and Validation

Ready to run this HTML email link checker to make sure all the links in your campaign are correct and functional?

Our 100% free link checker works as a link verifier for any email marketing service (or any other HTML you paste in). Get link validation here including screenshots of each of your links.

Paste in your HTML below to check links. (Don’t have your HTML handy but still curious? Use our sample. You can also check out the detailed instructions for more.)

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If you’re a GMass user, our email link checker is built into the campaign settings box. No copy and paste required — just click the button and GMass will check the links in your campaign before you send.

Not a GMass user? Download the Chrome extension to get started for free. And send up to 50 emails a day until you’re ready to upgrade.

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