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6/13/2024 5:48:54 PM Auto follow-up timing improvement: Previously, if a stage's "time" was set too close to midnight, like 23:00 or 23:30, there was a chance the auto follow-ups didn't send at all or sent days after they were supposed to. Now, this is corrected. GMass now checks to see if the current day/time is within 3 hours of the expected-send day/time. So now if the expected send time is Wednesday at 11PM, then GMass will send if the current time is Wednesday at 11:30PM, or if it's Thursday at 12:30AM or Thursday at 1AM, because these are all within the 3 hour allowance of the expected-send-time.
6/13/2024 2:28:18 AM Bug fix for polls: Previously when creating a poll, after the poll was inserted into the Compose box, if you clicked one of the answers to test the link, an error page would appear. If you sent the campaign, the links would work and the answers were recorded, but if you clicked the link in the Compose box while drafting the campaign, then only the error would appear. Now, after the fix, you'll see a message indicating that the answer link hasn't been personalized yet, and the message will acknowledge that you must be just testing clicking the answer link.
6/13/2024 2:20:43 AM The GMass Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store has been updated to version 6.0.0. The big difference is that this version of the extension is on Manifest V3 as opposed to the no-longer-supported Manifest V2. JavaScript code can no longer be remotely loaded in Manifest V3 and is instead packaged as part of the extension. While this allows for a more secure extension experience for users worldwide, making changes to the extension will now require a longer process.
6/13/2024 1:56:21 AM Bug fix: Users were unable to subscribe to the Professional plan using PayPal. Trying would result in an error on PayPal's site. Now it works.
6/11/2024 4:42:32 AM Sending bug: Fixed a longstanding bug where a campaign would finish sending and the campaign's DRAFT would be deleted by GMass, and then a few seconds later, the campaign would start processing again, this time resulting in a "Campaign DRAFT deleted" error. This would leave the campaign in an "error" state even though it had successfully finished sending the minute prior.
5/16/2024 5:10:07 PM New onboarding tour launched in extension: We have replaced the onboarding flow for new users from the old "Show me the magic" option to a fully guided tour that walks new users through connecting to a Google Sheet, using personalization, configuring the settings, and sending.
5/15/2024 4:10:42 PM New webhook for OAuth: You can now configure a webhook to be called whenever a user that you direct to GMass has successfully completed the OAuth flow. More information:
5/15/2024 4:10:00 PM Extension bug fix: Several users were reporting that clicking the button in the settings box to EDIT an auto follow-up template was not working properly. The Compose window would open with the subject/message but the To field was left blank instead of populating with the GMass-generated unique address. This was likely due to a timing change natively in Gmail. We implemented a fix.
5/15/2024 4:08:10 PM Reporting bug fix: Downloading the main campaign report for a campaign that was not connected to a Sheet wasn't working for the last few weeks. This is fixed now.
5/15/2024 4:06:22 PM MultiSend daily account caps update: When setting daily caps for MultiSend accounts in a campaign, the algorithm for detecting how many emails each MultiSend account has already sent for the day has been improved. Before, the count was a straightforward count over the last 16 hours. Now the count is more accurate because it's based on various factors, including when the campaign last successfully ran and any subsequent runs since then.
5/15/2024 3:49:50 PM New auto follow-up setting: Under the dashboard's "Auto Follow-up" settings, you can now enable a new setting called "Allow adding auto follow-ups after campaign is sent". Enabling this setting will prevent your campaign's DRAFT from being automatically deleted by GMass, even after the original campaign is sent. By keeping the DRAFT around, you can add auto follow-ups to your campaign even after it has fully sent.
5/15/2024 3:47:50 PM New behavior for the "global unsubscribes" setting: Previously enabling this setting would use related accounts for filtering campaigns for unsubscribed addresses. In addition to this, enabling this setting will now also use related accounts for filtering unsubscribed DOMAINS from campaigns.
5/15/2024 3:46:09 PM New auto follow-up setting for counting days: Under the dashboard's "Auto Follow-up" settings, you can now enable a new setting called "Strict count of days between stages". This will force the timing of auto follow-ups such that the number of days BETWEEN stages must pass in order for a subsequent stage to be sent.
5/15/2024 3:44:25 PM New auto follow-up suppression setting for blocks: Under the dashboard's "Auto Follow-up" settings, you can now enable a new setting called "Suppress blocks from later stages". Enabling this will make it so that a campaign that has auto follow-up stages will stop sending to an email address after a "block" rejection has been received.
5/15/2024 3:43:54 PM New bounces/blocks setting: Under the dashboard's settings, you can now enable a setting called "Treat blocks as bounces". Rejection messages that indicate a "block" rather than an invalid recipient address can now be treated as bounces, which will add the address to an account's bounce list for automatic filtering from future campaigns.
5/14/2024 6:00:58 AM SPF Real-time Checking: Now, whenever you send a campaign, the SPF record of your account's domain will be checked, and if it looks incorrect or is missing, we will email you a notice with helpful instructions. To prevent bombarding you with SPF notices, only one per week max will be sent.
5/13/2024 6:11:15 PM Reporting bug fix: Downloading the main campaign report for a campaign that did NOT use a Google Sheet was failing for the last few weeks. Fixed now.
5/13/2024 2:44:49 PM Unsubscribes Importer: You can now import a list of unsubscribed addresses by dragging and dropping any text or Excel file onto the Unsubscribes management page in the dashboard. Just click "Add unsubscribes", and then drag a file onto the popup.
5/6/2024 3:57:02 AM Auto follow-up settings bug fix: Fixed a longstanding bug where the text "null" would show up in the time fields for auto follow-up stages when composing a new campaign.
5/2/2024 5:12:26 PM New Auto Follow-up Feature: You can now send auto follow-ups "on demand" instead of waiting on the timing you've set. Just open up your campaign's DRAFT and you will see new buttons to send each stage "now". This is useful if you've changed your mind on the timing and want to have follow-ups sent sooner than later.
4/29/2024 10:26:10 AM API supports MultiSend Weights: Now when launching a campaign with the API using the /api/campaigns POST endpoint, the MultiSend setting can contain weights after each sending account separated by the pipe symbol. Example: [email protected]|100,[email protected]|200 in order to have the campaign send 100 emails through [email protected] and 200 emails through [email protected]. Weights are optional.
4/29/2024 9:19:55 AM MultiSend Weights: MultiSend, the feature that allows you to load-balance a campaign over multiple sending accounts, can now be used with "weights". You can specify a "weight" to go along with each account to choose exactly how many emails are sent from each account, for that particular campaign.
4/22/2024 2:54:59 PM Countdown timer: The animated GIF images were being generated off our main web server, and today, a large campaign using the countdown timer feature resulted in the server being flooded with requests and our website not working anymore. A caching mechanism has been implemented such that the animated GIF for a particular countdown timer will stay in memory for a minute before being re-generated on the next request.
4/22/2024 4:16:25 AM Google Sheet updating: There was a huge backlog of unprocessed Sheet updates for bounces and replies. We've now sped up the process for updating Sheets based on these events, and the backlog will be cleared in about 24 hours.
4/17/2024 5:01:36 PM The settings page where you can customize the unsubscribe text has been improved to be more helpful, to have a one-click link to insert the default unsubscribe link into the HTML editor, and to have default text pre-populate the HTML editor when you haven't yet set custom unsubscribe text.
4/17/2024 2:54:23 PM Fix for users of Gmail layouts: If you were using a Gmail "layout" in your email campaign, this prevented the main GMass button from working. Clicking it to try to send your campaign would have resulted in an endless "Please wait for GMass..." message. This happened because the Compose "div" that GMass looks for changes from contenteditable=true to contenteditable=false after a "layout" is inserted. We have now modified our logic to accommodate this, so you can now use the GMass button when using Gmail layouts.
4/16/2024 5:56:48 AM New Google Sheets feature: GMass can now detect new rows in a Google Sheet instantly, and then start sending emails to the new rows instantly. Under the Scheduling-->Repeat section of the settings box, the "Instantly" option has been added to the dropdown.
4/11/2024 2:43:31 PM New spintax capability: Users can now enable a setting that will increase randomization when using spintax. The setting is under "Other" in the dashboard settings. This is an account-wide setting: With this setting ON, each spintax block is treated independently rather than as a set along with the other spintax blocks. With this setting OFF, which is the default behavior and how spintax has always worked, spintax blocks are matched sequentially with each other, meaning the first variation in the first block is matched with the first variation in the second block. With this setting ON, each variation in each block is picked at random to form a complete email message.
4/10/2024 2:32:59 PM Reporting bug fix: Downloads in Excel format were failing before due to a missing DLL on our reporting server. This is now fixed.
4/10/2024 7:09:53 AM Unsubscribe bug fix: If your account was on a shared tracking domain and you were using the GMass-provided unsubscribe link, the unsubscribe page wasn't loading the CSS properly, resulting in a plain text look rather than the formatted look. Additionally, because the CSS was failing to load, an error was being logged for that IP address, so if you were testing your own unsubscribe link, there was a chance that you logged too many errors from your IP address, which would've prevented you from using the GMass button for some time period until the error-block expired.
4/10/2024 6:49:50 AM Sending bug fix: If sending to a Google Sheet and you enabled "Keep Duplicates" when connecting to the Sheet, and the Sheet had duplicate email addresses in different cases, like "[email protected]" and on another row, "[email protected]", only one email was being sent instead of all of them. This is now fixed.
4/10/2024 5:30:23 AM In rare cases, if a customer filed a credit card dispute, the GMass subscription with Stripe wasn't auto-cancelled. This would happen if either the user hadn't yet created a GMass account or if the information retrieved from the Stripe API had a missing "source". Both of these scenarios are now handled properly and the subscription will still be auto cancelled.
4/9/2024 5:53:45 PM Sending bug fix: If a user toggled OFF all of the "standard holidays" but then enabled the "Skip Holidays" setting for a campaign, the campaign errored out. This is now fixed.
3/29/2024 8:14:12 PM Auto follow-up new option to change how days are counted: BEFORE - When setting the number of days after the original a particular stage should be sent, all 7 days were counted, even if you had chosen just Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri as your selected days for your campaign. This resulted in auto follow-up batches "bunching up" on Mondays if you had multiple campaigns running. NOW - You have the option in your account settings in your dashboard to check a box labeled "Count only selected days of week". With this option enabled, only the days you've selected for your campaign are counted, which would result in auto follow-ups being further spread out in the above example.
3/29/2024 8:10:38 PM Auto follow-up behavior change when time-of-day is specified: BEFORE - GMass would send an auto follow-up batch if the day was an allowed day according to the user's "choose days" setting and if it was within 3 hours of the user's chosen time, in the user's local time zone. GMass allowed midnight (00:00) to be crossed over when determining if it was within 3 hours of the user's chosen time. This created a sometimes odd scenario where if a user had scheduled auto follow-ups to send at 11:00PM Eastern Time, and chose Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed as allowed days, then the auto follow-ups would send on Sunday at 12:30AM. Why? Because Sunday is an allowed day and 12:30AM is within 3 hours of 11:00PM. NOW - Now, the same rules apply but the current time of day has to be after the user-specified time of day. In the above example, 12:30AM is not after 11:00PM, so now, the auto follow-ups would not send on Sunday at 12:30AM. Now, the auto follow-ups would wait until at least Sunday at 11:00PM to send.
3/29/2024 8:08:45 PM Bounces/Blocks: The bounce message "Message queue continuously deferred for too long", which was previously treated as a "bounce", will now be treated as a "block".
3/29/2024 8:05:46 PM New Feature - ChatGPT campaign creation: Users can now have ChatGPT create an entire email campaign, including an entire email sequence, by typing in a prompt. More information:
3/29/2024 8:04:42 PM New Feature - Countdown Timer: Users can now add a countdown timer, in the form of an animated GIF, to their email campaigns with a simple click of a button. More information:
3/27/2024 12:57:42 AM MultiSend bug fix: Campaigns that used MultiSend, where none of the selected MultiSend accounts were valid, were erroring out with this error: "General Exception Attempted to divide by zero." This error resulted from a division by zero, because the number of valid accounts was found to be zero. Accounts can become not valid when there OAuth connection to GMass breaks. Going forward, when this situation surfaces, the error message will be more meaningful. Example of new error:
3/21/2024 2:53:06 AM You can now customize the unsubscribe text that appears when you click the "Unsubscribe Link" button in the extension. Customize the text by going to the dashboard, clicking the "settings" gear, and going to the Unsubscribes section on the left side panel.
3/20/2024 6:01:44 AM Email polls improvement: You can now set better landing page options for your recipients that answer your poll. See
3/20/2024 6:01:12 AM Template management improvement: You can now bulk delete templates. See
3/18/2024 2:46:51 AM API bug fix: In certain situations, retrieving a list of account-wide unsubscribes via the!/Reports/Reports_Unsubscribes method was resulting in 0 records returned.
3/3/2024 6:03:39 AM Bounce filter adjustment: We discovered a new type of Gmail bounce that looks like this, "550 5.4.5 Daily user sending limit exceeded. For more information on Gmail sending limits go to". This bounce resulted from sending from an "alias from" address instead of the primary Google account, and when the SMTP server connected to the alias was a Gmail server, and when the account was over-limit. These bounces look new and have been appearing since mid November 2023. These bounces were erroneously resulting in the recipient address being placed on an account's bounce list. The filters have been adjusted so that these types of bounces are counted as "blocks" not bounces. Additionally, we've purged the affected addresses from everyone's bounce list.
3/2/2024 5:22:34 AM Extension bug fix: Previously long domains like could not be entered into the domain suppression box. This is now possible.
3/2/2024 5:14:21 AM Cancelling campaigns: When you cancel a campaign and its auto follow-ups, a more aggressive approach is now taken, where any pending batches of auto follow-ups that haven't completed sending yet, are now also cancelled. Before, any pending batches would be allowed to continue sending but any new batches would be prevented from being created.
3/2/2024 4:36:58 AM API: When retrieving a campaign's status via the and methods, "status" can now include the additional values of "cancelled", "paused", and "abpaused".
2/26/2024 3:34:38 PM Auto follow-up timing bug fix: If you had set specific times for your auto follow-up stages, and you had also set specific days, like Mon-Fri, when your campaign should send, and then an auto follow-up send fell on a Sat/Sun based on the "Stage Days", the campaign would send close to midnight Monday local time and not wait until it was the right time on Monday. This bug is now fixed.
2/24/2024 6:32:26 PM Spam Solver Improvements: The main functionality has a longer timeout period now such that if it takes longer than 30 seconds to send the email to all the seed accounts, it won't timeout anymore. Before the operation would sometimes timeout resulting in an endless spinning wheel without displaying the bar graph with the results.
2/20/2024 7:22:12 AM Sending: If you launch a campaign and the schedule gets pushed back because the current day is a holiday and you have "Skip Holidays" checked, then the confirmation message will indicate clearly that TODAY is a holiday. This is to clear up confusion about why campaign times are getting pushed back.
2/20/2024 7:21:18 AM Extension: Now when you check the "Skip Holidays" checkbox, a butterbar help dialog will appear in the lower-left.
2/20/2024 6:54:27 AM Auto follow-up bug fixes: Some auto follow-ups did not send entirely or did send but at the wrong time if they had one of the new skip-holidays or choose-holidays scheduling features set. Any affected auto follow-ups will go out in the coming days as close to the "correct" time as possible.
2/20/2024 6:53:24 AM Sending bug fix: If you had skip-holidays or choose-days set, and a campaign was in the middle of sending and the time crossed over into a disallowed day, the campaign paused but never resumed on the next allowed day. This is now fixed.
2/6/2024 7:47:32 AM API: The API methods to retrieve campaign data now include additional information. status: scheduled / sent / error / unknown. There's also a new parameter "lists" which includes information about the Google Sheets that were the source of data for the campaign.
2/6/2024 7:47:07 AM Auto-followups: The timing of auto follow-ups has been improved for campaigns that are paused and later resumed. Instead of auto follow-ups that are "past due" going out right away, they will wait until they are near the 24-hour interval of the prior auto follow-up stage.
2/6/2024 7:45:04 AM API: The method to send campaigns is now in line with the two new scheduling features, "Skip Holidays" and "Choose Specific Days". See "allowedDays" and "skipHolidays" here:
2/6/2024 7:44:19 AM Extension: Two new scheduling feature, "Skip Holidays" and "Choose Specific Days" have been added. Campaigns can now skip sending on holidays and only send on the weekdays that you designate.
2/6/2024 7:43:23 AM API: New method to retrieve campaign blocks has been added.
2/6/2024 7:42:52 AM A checkbox has been added to the dashboard settings, so that users of personal Gmail accounts who are sending through an SMTP server can use GMass's "from" domain replacement system to become DMARC compliant, even before Gmail changes its DMARC records.
1/25/2024 5:02:34 PM MultiSend update: The MultiSend dropdown has been updated to include the primary sending account as an account that can be selected or UNselected. This allows you to send a MultiSend campaign while excluding the primary account that you're logged into.
1/23/2024 5:04:00 AM If GMass DKIM signs your emails (only possible when sending over an SMTP service), and your email includes the List-Unsubscribe header, the DKIM signature will now be based on the two additional headers of List-Unsubscribe and List-Unsubscribe-Post.
1/23/2024 5:02:35 AM GMass will now include the List-Unsubscribe-Post header if you have the List-Unsubscribe header enabled in your settings. This header will always be set to "List-Unsubscribe=One-Click" if included, and it enables one-click unsubscribe functionality.
1/22/2024 8:50:16 AM When GMass writes a DKIM signature to an email that is being sent over SMTP (not native Gmail), then the email placed in the Sent folder of the account will also now contain the header showing the DKIM signature.
1/21/2024 10:41:39 PM Launched a DNS management system for users with personal Gmail accounts ( and who are also connected to an SMTP server. This is preparation for a change in's DMARC record that will no longer allow sending campaigns "from" accounts through external SMTP services.
1/16/2024 6:31:35 AM GMass Transactional SMTP Relay ( We've added a limit of 5 simultaneous connections per IP address and blocked several abusive IP addresses.
1/12/2024 6:44:54 AM The Reply Project: ChatGPT-generated replies have been updated to the "gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct" model.
1/6/2024 10:30:24 PM Bug fix: Affiliate sign-up form at wasn't working if user tried to sign up as an affiliate but ALREADY had a GMass account.
1/5/2024 5:34:40 AM Bug fix: When creating DRAFTs instead of sending, if an account had an SMTP service connected to it, and the account had DKIM configured inside GMass, if the DRAFTs were then sent via the account's SMTP server, the DKIM settings were ignored and the messages were not DKIM-signed. This is now fixed.
1/5/2024 5:05:24 AM Bug fix: The suppression "days" parameter wasn't working properly if an account was using MultiSend. The suppression list was being built based on only the MultiSend accounts' sending history and not the original sending account's history.
12/21/2023 6:30:12 AM Extension behavior change: Now, when you load a template from the dropdown in the settings box, if you choose to load only the Settings, the Friendly Name will not be set. You must choose to load the content (Subject/Message) for the Friendly Name and Preview Text inputs to be set. It was decided that the Friendly Name and Preview Text are more closely related to the Subject and Message than the campaign's other settings.
12/21/2023 6:29:12 AM Extension bug fix: If you had a friendly name or preview text set for your campaign, and then you cleared out the list in the To field, the friendly name and preview text would disappear. This won't happen anymore.
12/20/2023 4:19:11 PM Bug fix: Retrieving an account's entire unsubscribe list, either from the dashboard or API, was failing in some cases.
12/15/2023 2:37:53 PM List-Unsubscribe header: We are now forcing the header onto emails sent using our shared AWS SES SMTP account or our internal server. The header will be added in these cases even if you have the header turned off in your settings.
12/15/2023 2:11:01 PM SendGrid: If a user is assigned to our shared SendGrid account, campaigns can no longer be launched using SMTP as the sending option, due to SendGrid's suspension of our service with them. Users will see an on-screen error when attempting to send.
12/13/2023 5:33:05 AM Dashboard bug fix: Sometimes the recipient count for a campaign wasn't accurate, especially in cases where some recipients errored out and had to be re-tried later on.
12/2/2023 5:42:15 PM Affiliates: Launched a new affiliate sign-up form,, to replace the old process of signing up to be an affiliate.
12/1/2023 2:48:29 PM API: New endpoint added to retrieve unsubscribed domains. See
11/30/2023 11:31:09 PM New "holidays" settings page launched. Choose standard holidays and define your own custom holidays. This section doesn't technically do anything right now, but eventually there will be a "Skip Holidays" option in the scheduling settings of a campaign.
11/30/2023 11:28:59 PM Bug fix: On the individual campaign report page, the real-time Unsubscribes feed wasn't working for the last few hours.
11/30/2023 10:50:50 PM API: The "campaigns" endpoints return additional campaign data, including the "from" line, the campaign creation date, and the stage of auto follow-up if it is indeed an auto follow-up.
11/30/2023 12:00:00 AM Launched MultiSend reporting: Now in the dashboard and in the API campaigns using MultiSend can see a breakdown of stats by individual sending account.
11/30/2023 12:00:00 AM API: When sending a campaign via the "campaigns" endpoint, the campaign object returned will include details beyond just the campaign's ID.
11/29/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend settings page: Now shows whether each account is OAuth connected and checks to make sure SPF and DMARC are in place for each domain.
11/28/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: Gmail Pub/Sub wasn't working for certain user accounts where they signed up, disconnected for a while, and then re-connected to GMass.
11/28/2023 12:00:00 AM New setting for bounces: Make bounces disappear instantly
11/28/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: Sometimes when transferring a subscription, a user would get the wrong error, telling them that the transfer-to account doesn't exist when it actually did.
11/28/2023 12:00:00 AM Affiliates: An affiliate's earnings are now accessible via the dashboard.
11/27/2023 12:00:00 AM A "select all" checkbox has been added to certain data tables in the dashboard.
11/26/2023 12:00:00 AM Launched this Product Updates page!
11/18/2023 12:00:00 AM Campaign reports that are inserted into the "GMass Reports" Label will now have the timestamp of when they were generated, so it can be assessed if there's a delay between when the report was generated and when it arrived into the Label.
11/16/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: When logged in as a team master, the user can now take action on its members' campaigns, like pausing/resuming/cancelling/archiving them.
11/16/2023 12:00:00 AM Gmail API began throwing "429" errors. Now campaigns will be auto-retried when they encounter this error.
11/16/2023 12:00:00 AM When an auto follow-up batch errors out, the notification will contain more detail about the error now.
11/15/2023 12:00:00 AM Stage 1 auto follow-ups have been delayed recently. Took steps to optimize speed.
11/15/2023 12:00:00 AM During peak times, the delay between launching a campaign and it starting to send was approaching 3 minutes. Adjusting our server launcher algorithm to bring this closer to 1 minute.
11/13/2023 12:00:00 AM Fixed bug where some "overlimit" bounces from Gmail were erroneously being classified as replies.
11/5/2023 12:00:00 AM Some users are being moved off of shared AWS tracking domains and onto a new set of shared tracking domains.
10/31/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Better logic to allow other accounts to continue sending when one account in a group hits its sending limit
10/30/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: In rare cases, campaigns with both auto follow-ups and triggers were sending duplicate auto follow-ups to recipients where the trigger had fired
10/30/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: SMTP relay was throwing errors on emails where the "verify" setting was on
10/26/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: The MultiSend helpful butterbar message was appearing at the wrong time when configuring MultiSend settings
10/26/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Now works when launching campaign with "Create Drafts" option
10/25/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: MultiSend "split factor" calculation was wrong
10/25/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Removing the aggressive unsubscribe/bounce filtering on campaigns unless Global Unsubscribes/Bounces is turned on
10/25/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Added butterbar help that appears when you check the box
10/23/2023 12:00:00 AM Better validation for the sending speed field when using MultiSend
10/23/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Adding aggressive unsubscribe/bounce handling
10/21/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: If campaign is rerouted to user's SMTP server, MultiSend features are now disabled
10/21/2023 12:00:00 AM MultiSend: Validation improvements for emails/day setting. Can now set more than 2,000/day.
10/18/2023 12:00:00 AM Bug fix: Launching a mass forward to a list from a Sheet wasn't working after MultiSend was introduced
10/14/2023 12:00:00 AM Poll improvements: Filtering out bot clicks, and now recording User-Agent and IP for each poll response
10/14/2023 12:00:00 AM You can now cancel a campaign even if your Google account has a broken OAuth connection to GMass
10/14/2023 12:00:00 AM The Reply Project: Delete button wasn't working when viewing campaign-specific replies
10/2/2023 12:00:00 AM The Reply Project: Archive/delete buttons now work with MultiSend campaigns

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